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eMyPasswords Organizer

eMyPasswords Organizer is free powerful and easy-to-use personal database program. You can manage your records (accounts, passwords, emails, FTP accounts, Hosting accounts, Web sites, Blogs accounts) with password protection. Advanced Import and Export options, Print, View and hide your records. Unlimited categories and unlimited records in each category. Unicode support (Categories, records fields). Nice modern interface and visual themes, Customizable interface, toolbars, shortcuts and more.

Program: eMyPasswords Organizer
Version: 1.05
Publisher: SoftArtStudio (all publisher software)
Date: Update: July 7, 2006 Submit: June 24, 2006
License: Freeware
Program OS: All Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP)
Links: Homepage
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eMyPasswords Organizer fields
General Additional options Extra Fields

• Title (Account name)
• Description
• Keywords
• Start Date
• Expiry Date

• Username (Login)
• Password
• Email
• URL-1
• URL-2

• Comments
• Category
• Extra Emails
• Extra Links
• Extra Phonew
• Custom text fields

eMyPasswords - Benefits and features:

  • Unlimited Categories and Passwords Records
  • Unicode text (Categories, records fields)
  • Database Encryption (Set Password, Remove Password)
  • View, Edit, Delete records
  • Export records to CSV, TXT and other files
  • Import Records from CSV, TXT and other files
  • Record Viewer
  • Sort by any columns
  • Customizable Toolbars
  • Customizable Shortcuts
  • Visual Themes

This software provides an extended database encryption feature, so you can protect your data from unauthorized access. Your tables cannot be viewed on disk by means of a disk (or HEX) editor.

  • Set Database Password: Main menu: Files/Set password (Ctrl+Alt+P)
  • Remove passwords from Database: Main menu: Files/Remove password (Ctrl+Alt+W)


You may Insert unlimited records. Each record have a Category and Image, Fields, Comments and Custom Fields. You can edit properties of record by means of the visual editor of records (Main menu: Records/Edit, or Mouse Double Click).