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CoinsLib Organizer

CoinsLib Organizer is free powerful and easy-to-use coins organizer. 34 fields (Title, Description, Country, Designer, Certification, Mint, Variety, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Graded company...), Images (Front and Back images, Screenshots, Photos...), Comments and other extra fields (Links, Emails, Phones...). Unicode support. Advanced Import and Export options, Print, View and hide your records. Unlimited categories, records and images. Nice modern customizable interface and visual themes and more.

Program: CoinsLib Organizer
Version: 1.05
Publisher: SoftArtStudio (all publisher software)
Date: Update: July 16, 2006 Submit: July 16, 2006
License: Freeware
Program OS: All Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP)
Links: Homepage
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CoinsLib - Benefits and features:

  • 35 Fields: Coin Title, Description, Keywords, Country, Designer, Denomination, Certification, Type, Year, Variety, Mint, Mintage, Proof Mintage, Condition, Defects, Current Location, Gold Content, Silver Content, Platinum Content, Material, Diameter, Weight, Edge, Graded by, Catalog Number 1, Catalog Number 2, Catalog Number 3, Serial Number, Bar Code, Date Bought, Bought From, Date Sold, Sold To, Asking Price, Selling Price
  • Images: Front, Back image, Screenshots, Photos...
  • Unlimited Categories and Passwords Records
  • Unicode text (Categories, records fields)
  • Database Encryption (Set Password, Remove Password)
  • View, Edit, Delete records
  • Export records to CSV, TXT and other files
  • Import Records from CSV, TXT and other files
  • Record Viewer
  • Sort by any columns
  • Customizable Toolbars
  • Customizable Shortcuts
  • Visual Themes
CoinsLib Organizer fields
Coin Info Details Cataloging Financial Web Info Extra Fields

? Coin Title
? Description
? Keywords
? Country
? Designer
? Denomination
? Certification
? Type
? Year
? Variety
? Mint
? Mintage
? Proof Mintage
? Condition
? Defects
? Current Location

? Gold Content
? Silver Content
? Platinum Content
? Material
? Diameter
? Weight
? Edge

? Graded by
? Catalog Number 1
? Catalog Number 2
? Catalog Number 3
? Serial Number
? Bar Code

? Date Bought
? Bought From
? Date Sold
? Sold To
? Asking Price
? Selling Price

? Information URL
? Commercial URL
? Grading Company URL
? Email

? Comments
? Images (Screenshots, Box, Cover, Photos...)
? Category
? Extra Emails
? Extra Links
? Extra Phonew
? Custom fields

This software provides an extended database encryption feature, so you can protect your data from unauthorized access. Your tables cannot be viewed on disk by means of a disk (or HEX) editor.

  • Set Database Password: Main menu: Files/Set password (Ctrl+Alt+P)
  • Remove passwords from Database: Main menu: Files/Remove password (Ctrl+Alt+W)


You may Insert unlimited records. Each record have a Category and Image, Fields, Comments and Custom Fields. You can edit properties of record by means of the visual editor (Main menu: Records/Edit, or Mouse Double Click).

Certification Service Comparison

  • American Numismatic Authentication Collector Services (ANACS) http://www.anacs.com/
    Any coin listed in Krause-Mishler's Catalog of World Coins, U.S. Hard Times Tokens in the Low/Rulau reference, U.S. Civil War Patriotic and Storecard Tokens in the Fuld references, So-Called Dollars in the Hibler-Kappen reference, and error coinage.
    US coin slabs list the grade, date, and denomination.

    World coin slabs list the grade, date, denomination and country of origin.

    Extra information is given as appropriate (e.g. the type of error if it has one)

  • Ancient Coin Certification Service (ACCS) http://www.davidrsear.com/certification.html
    Most ancient coins
    Coins are not slabbed - they are returned with a certificate of authentication. The certificate, depending on the certification tier, will contain a photo of the coin, its grade, and a description of its historical context.
  • ASA Accugrade (ACG) http://www.asa-accugrade.com/coins.htm
    US, World, US Colonial
    US slabs list date, denomination, and grade
  • Independent Coin Grading (ICG) http://www.icgcoin.com/
    US and its territories (everything in the Redbook), World (1700 to present), and nearly all ancient coins (Greek, Roman and Byzantine up to Justinian II), and errors.
    US coin slabs list the date, denomination and grade.

    Ancient coin slabs list the date (or date range), denomination, type of metal, issuer (empire, region or such as appropriate) and weight. Ancients with errors will have the error noted on the slab.

  • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) http://www.ngccoin.com/
    US, World (71 different countries, but the mintage years certified vary from country to country), Errors. Will also generally do all world patterns that fit within the date ranges of certifiable World coins, whether or not they are in Krause-Mishler.
    US slabs list the date, denomination, and grade.

    World slabs list the date, country of origin, denomination, grade and Krause-Mishler (or other, as appropriate) number.

  • Photograde Coin Institute (PCI) http://new.chattanooga.net/pci
    US, World, Errors
    US coin slabs list the date, grade, denomination, and mintage if known.

    World coin slabs list the date, grade, denomination, country of origin, and Krause-Mishler catalog number.

    Extra information is given as appropriate (e.g. the type of error if it has one, or the damage of the coin is impaired)

  • Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) http://www.pcgs.com/
    US, World (over 100 countries), US Colonial, Errors
    US coin slabs list the year, denomination, grade and PCGS catalog number.

    World coin slabs list the year, denomination, grade, country of origin, and PCGS catalog number.

  • Sovereign Entities Grading Service (SEGS) http://www.segsgrading.com/
    US coin slabs list the year, denomination, grade, and mintage when known. Extra information is given as appropriate (e.g. the exact variety). Labels are color coded by metal - gold for gold, copper for copper, lavender for U.S. silver dollars and silver for all others. Labels are also added to the top edge of the slab so coins can be identified when stacked.
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